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Cyberstalking, bullying and online harassment

Bullying and harassment has long been a problem in business and the workplace, in schools and in family and social groups. However, the marked increase in the use of electronic communication and social media has seen this abuse (including cyberstalking, 'sexting', sextortion, cyber-bullying, cyber-harassment, revenge porn and trolling) reach epidemic proportions, with more, easier and (seemingly) anonymous opportunities to harass colleagues, students, teachers, family members, former spouses and ex-partners, whether through email, text, social networking websites or blogs.

Our lawyers advise individuals, as well as HR professionals and board members in some of the UK's leading organisations, not only in how to stop this abuse but also in the protection of their own privacy and reputation or their organisations' reputation. We also advise concerned parents looking to protect their children.

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How we can help you

Collyer Bristow’s Cyber Investigation Unit (“CIU”) comprises a dedicated team of lawyers who advise victims of cyberstalking, cyber harassment, cyber bullying, revenge porn, sextortion, online defamation, privacy breaches and internet trolls / trolling. The CIU is headed up by consultant, Rhory Robertson.

If you have been the victim of online harassment, bullying or abuse or are an affected organisation please send an email with the following information to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

(1) Your name and contact details.

(2) The name (or suspected name) of the individual or individuals targeting you or your organisation, if known.

(3) A short summary (no more than 400 words) of the problem you are facing.

Please note that we will be unable to provide you with legal advice until we have checked that we have no conflict in acting for you.  To do this we require your full name and the name of the person targeting you (if this is known).  We treat this information in complete confidence, even if we do not ultimately act for you.

Once we receive your email we will review the information and contact you within 24 hours (or the next working day).

If we think that we can help you we will let you have an estimate for our fees for an initial consultation and for any next steps.  We are usually willing to offer a fixed fee (agreed in advance) for reviewing initial documentation and advising you in a meeting or by telephone.

How do you and we stop the abuse and protect your own privacy and reputation and/or your organisation's reputation?

  • Collect evidence
  • Report it to the police (if appropriate)
  • Take steps to find out who is behind the abuse (if unknown)
  • Issue "Cease and desist" letters
  • Get online material removed
  • Seek a court order (including injunctions)
  • Obtain compensation / damages
  • Pursue private criminal prosecutions

What our clients say

“First, the intelligence of the two lawyers with whom I worked. Second, their lucid and frank way of approaching my legal issues. Third, their remarkable empathy and "management" of my own distress…Rhory and Sophie were simply first rate.”

“Rhory has dealt with a difficult personal situation on my behalf, with sensitivity and strong guidance, wrapping up a situation which was heading towards heavy legal fees, a refreshing approach.”

“I was lucky enough to have partner, Rhory Robertson as a true champion of my cause. Conscientious, thorough and personable, Rhory went above and beyond to ensure the largest and the smallest details of my case, were all met.  I cannot speak highly enough of the team and in particular Alex and Nichola.”

"Rhory Robertson and his team provided us with highly effective and thoughtful advice. I could not recommend Rhory more highly."

“[Sophie] your company but primarily yourself have been so very helpful, courteous, understanding and professional and I would have no qualms or reservations about recommending your services to anyone.”

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