Couples who live together without getting married do not have the same rights and entitlements as married couples and can find themselves in a very vulnerable position if their relationship breaks down, particularly if they have children.

Property and ownership disputes between cohabiting couples frequently involve questions of property and trust law as well as more traditional family law issues. The breadth of the firm’s expertise enables our leading family team to draw on the experience of the trust and estate planning and dispute resolution teams to provide a complete service in respect of cohabitation disputes.

Our family team have particular expertise in securing financial provision for the children of unmarried parents, particularly where the father is wealthy or there is a big disparity between his income and the mother’s.

The best way for unmarried couples to avoid a property dispute if they separate is to draw up a detailed and binding cohabitation agreement before purchasing a property. Our family and trust and estate planning teams have a wealth of experience in advising clients on such agreements and work closely with our real estate team to provide a seamless service.

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