Image rights

The right

Image is important, no matter who you are or what your business is. Although the UK does not currently have any specific laws to protect image rights, there are a number of tools which can be used to enable our client’s to protect their image including Data Protection laws, Trademarks, Privacy laws and Image Licensing.

Commercial Use

It is important that businesses know when and how to use an individual’s image, especially as the commercial use of images of famous sport stars and musicians to endorse products or industry increases.

Companies should be aware of Data Protection laws which impose obligations on the use of personal data, including images.

Private Image Rights

Privacy laws are important for individuals who want to protect their image, especially as the Courts do consider the special nature of photographic images and are prepared to attach greater right to the private nature of an image and the impact of its misuse.


A variety of Intellectual Property rights are important and useful tools in protecting images include Copyright, Trademarks and Passing Off.

What we do

We advise Companies on licensing agreements, endorsement agreements and the appropriate commercial use of images. We can also advise individuals on how best to protect their image and handle disputes relating to the misuse of their image.

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