Company name rights

The Right 

A company name is usually a core part of the brand of a business.  It is a requirement of any entity regulated by the Companies Act legislation that a name be registered at Companies House.  Although the name under which a company trades can be entirely different to its company name, it is usually the same or very similar.  There is no legal requirement for a company to register its trading name or business name.   

Many companies also register trade marks to protect their products and services.  A trade mark may often incorporate the major part of a company name. There are procedures both under the Companies Acts legislation and under the laws of trade marks and passing off to require a company to change its registered company name if it is too close to an earlier name which has a trading reputation.


A company name registration can last for as long as the company is in existence, but it can also be changed as often as the company wishes.

What We Do 

We advise on and carry out searches to ensure that a company name does not infringe any pre-existing rights, as well as handling disputes relating to the use or misuse of the company name in trade.

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