Domain names

The Right

A domain name address is a core requirement for any business which conducts business over the internet. It is a contractual right arising when the name is allocated by one of several Domain Name Registries. It is usually used to host a website and handle email traffic. While it is not strictly an intellectual property right, it is an essential part of the protection of the name and brand of a business and so overlaps with trade marks and passing off. 


A domain name registration lasts for between 1 and 10 years, depending on the individual contract. It can be renewed indefinitely, but if it is not renewed it will expire and someone else can buy it.

What We Do

We advise on buying, renewing or transferring a domain name, as well as handling disputes relating to ownership, or misuse of trade mark or similar rights. There are various domain name dispute resolution mechanisms available, depending on the particular Registry. Disputes can also give rise to court proceedings.

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