International business experience

Our recent international financial disputes experience includes:

  • Acting for 20 overseas investors in proceedings alleging that their monies had been improperly invested in a risky hedge fund. The case involved serious allegations of conflict of interest, breach of fiduciary duty and the making of secret profits.
  • Representing an overseas property fund in proceedings against London promoters for damages for breaches of duty caused by negligence and conflict of interest.
  • Advising in a claim against an international investment bank that risky investments had been made without the client's authority.
  • Advising on the mis-selling of a single premium life insurance plan to a non-domiciled UK resident that was unsuitable for short term investment purposes and involved serious adverse tax consequences.
  • Acting for a client to freeze very substantial funds due to arrive at a bank for a foreign government.
  • Acting for an overseas investment fund in a dispute over the sale of an interest in an international syndicated loan pursuant to the Loan Market Association conditions.
  • Representing a number of Indian companies in disputes over their obligations under ISDA agreements, with particular reference to Indian legislation and Reserve Bank of India restrictions.
  • Advising an investment fund manager in international litigation with a bank regarding credit default swaps on US residential mortgage backed securities - dealing with both litigation and regulatory issues.
  • Representing an overseas investment fund in a dispute with a London bank over Longevity Notes derivatives allegedly designed to fail.
  • Obtaining an order against five banks for disclosure of their files to a US court.
  • Advising clients on the powers and obligations of English banks when providing information for the purposes of an investigation by overseas prosecuting authorities.
  • Advising a non-domiciled client on his losses claimed against a bank arising from the negligence of the bank regarding exchange rate movements on a large foreign currency mortgage.
  • Advising a foreign bank in London on the obligations to it of an English clearing bank that had paid out on fraudulently drawn cheques.

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