Interest rate swaps and collars claims

In 2009 we became the first law firm to specialise in interest rate swap mis-selling claims. Since then we have handled about 70 cases, with a total swaps value of more than £1 billion, and with a dedicated team of expert lawyers with specialist knowledge. The firm is well known for its real estate work and we have particular expertise in handling interest rate swaps and collars disputes for UK and offshore property companies, usually focussing on swap values between £3 million to £60 million.

We have created a library of swap documentation used by the various banks over the past years for comparison purposes so that we identify weaknesses in individual banks practices and procedures. It also enables us to assist clients who are unable to trace their bank's standard documentation that is relevant to their hedging transactions.

How we can help you

We work with pricing experts and forensic accountants, as well as politicians and others involved in trying to achieve a good outcome for those mis-sold interest rate swaps. We handle interest rate hedges of all kinds, ranging from "ordinary" swaps to complex structured caps and collars.

We are helping many clients through the requirements of the FCA redress scheme. With approximately 20 lawyers with experience of commercial litigation, we have a high level of expertise in the complex legal area of consequential loss claims, which may significantly increase recoverable damages for clients.

We use the firm's property and restructuring expertise to try to achieve an acceptable outcome with bankers with whom the client often has an on-going relationship. Our approach is a bespoke one, individually designed to the needs of the particular client rather than providing a "one size fits all" approach and depending on the case we see litigation as just one of a number of options.

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