Hedge funds

Our recent hedge funds work includes:

  • Advising a hedge fund manager on his financial entitlement upon being obliged to leave the hedge fund.
  • Advising a hedge fund in a dispute with prime brokers over payments and interest.
  • On behalf of a trader and hedge fund pursuing claims against the Special Administrators of MF Global alleging that monies due to our client should have been segregated as client funds.
  • Advising hedge funds on the sale and purchase of trust asset, unsecured and client money claims against MF Global.
  • Advising a hedge fund on claims against a finance house that had failed to pay the proceeds of trades, including advising on regulatory consequences.
  • Negotiating on behalf of numerous hedge funds with the Administrators of Lehman Brothers International (Europe) (“LBIE”), LBHI and LBI in respect of:
    • client money claims, including futures claims arising under MIFCA agreements;
    • trust asset claims, including those arising under prime brokerage agreements; and
    • unsecured claims, including those arising under ISDA agreements.
  • Agreeing settlement agreements on behalf of hedge funds in relation to claims against LBIE;
  • Documenting the sale and purchase by hedge funds of Lehman Brothers claims (by way of assignment or sub-participation).
  • Advising hedge funds on the sale and purchase of Icelandic bank insolvency claims.
  • Advising hedge funds on the purchase of Irish bank bonds.
  • Advising hedge funds on prime brokerage security and custodian documents.
  • Advising hedge funds on the drafting and negotiation of ISDA agreements.

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