Financial products

Our recent financial products experience includes:

  • Pursuing a claim by a business client alleging that it had been mis-sold a currency hedging product; seeking damages and preparing a complaint to the FSA.
  • Defending a claim against accountants alleging insider trading in shares for which a takeover bid announcement was by coincidence made within five minutes of their substantial share purchase for clients.
  • Bringing judicial review proceedings against a regulated investment exchange, challenging a number of its decisions.
  • Advising in a dispute concerning a spot foreign exchange currency trade that took place by telephone and where there was a dispute about what the parties had agreed.
  • Advising a party to an ISDA foreign currency exchange agreement on avoidance of obligations by exercising a force majeure clause.
  • Acting for clients with put and call warrants who exercised the put warrant on the basis of incorrect pricing information provided by a bank.
  • Considering terms and conditions governing spread betting transactions in order to advise whether or not actions taken by the spread betting counterparty following the suspension of stock, were legitimately carried out.
  • Acting for an overseas investment fund in a dispute over the sale of an interest in an international syndicated loan pursuant to the Loan Market Association conditions.
  • Representing a number of Indian companies in disputes over their obligations under ISDA agreements, with particular reference to Indian legislation and Reserve Bank of India restrictions.

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