Our recent guarantees experience includes:

  • Acting for a guarantor of a company's obligations, who alleged that there had been misrepresentations by the lender that led to the loan being made.
  • Advising a wife, who was the director of a company, where she entered into a guarantee and alleged that her husband, who was the other director, had not fully informed her about the true financial state of the company.
  • Advising two directors on their position, where the intended guarantee to be given by a third director was not signed.
  • Advising guarantors on their legal position where they contended that they were not fully aware of the terms of the guarantee or had not understood the effect of it.
  • Advising a guarantor who was resident abroad on which law applied to his guarantor obligations and which country's courts had jurisdiction.
  • Challenging a bank's refusal to release security which it claimed was necessary to fortify a guarantee.

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